Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Hair Dryers

As a hairstylist, one of the phrases I hear quite often is, ” it never looks as good when I do it.” To which my usual response is,”I have the unfair advantage of my arms not being attached to your body.”


While I’m sure this does give me an undeniable edge, there are some other mitigating factors which greatly affect my ability to create such polished looks. Those being high-quality tools/equipment and the knowledge of how to use them correctly to achieve the desired result. Now I’m sure you can understand my reticence to sever my arms and offer them to you all in the name of beautiful hair (please say you understand 😳). So instead, here is my offering of information: everything you needed to/didn’t know about professional hairdryers and which one is right for you!


Things to consider


The main functions to consider when choosing a dryer are wattage, airflow, heat, and technology. As a rule of thumb a dryer with 1875 W of power will dry your hair well. Hairdryers with less wattage are best suited for finer or short hair or if you will only be using the dryer for small sections, like bangs.





Fine, thin, or damaged hair

Medium/normal straight or wavy

Thick and curly





Without a doubt, I’m sure this is the most confusing element for most people.


Tourmaline is a semi precious gemstone and it is by far the best ionic and infrared generator. When you heat a tourmaline hairdryer they target negatively charged sections of hair and split water droplets into smaller molecules which immediately evaporate. This causes the hair to have a faster drying time, seals in moisture and shine, and also helps prevent damage.


Ceramic hairdryers help to evenly distribute heat, preventing your hair from overheating and drying out. It will usually be used in the dryer body, as a coating on the internal parts of the dryer.


Ionic dryers create negative ions. Although this sounds bad it’s not. These negative ions neutralize a positive charge that is held in the hair cause by dryness. With regular use, ionic dryers can actually make the hair less frizzy, and overall healthier. They reduce static and seal in moisture and are best for delivering super sleek looks.


Infrared technology is a heating method that delivers consistent and even heat, preventing the hair from drying out or being overheated, in turn promoting healthier shinier hair.



I know, I know. It’s a lot of information and a lot of science like information to top it off. And I’m sure it can seem overwhelming knowing which elements you should focus on. So I’m going to break it down finally by hair type and which elements are best for each.


Dry hair
Tourmaline dryer

Fine/normal hair
Infrared dryer with temperature control

Course/thick hair
Tourmaline ionic

Curly/wavy hair
Tourmaline ionic with a diffuser attachment

Straight hair

Frizzy hair
Tourmaline ionic with a nozzle attachment

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